Some Dangerous Mistakes We Make While In The Toilet

By Imedia and Eyo Nse,
You probably go to the toilet several times a day thinking you know everything when it comes to maintaining private part’s hygiene. But in the process, some things are done the wrong way.
Here are the Four most common mistakes which you probably do, and could be dangerous to your health.
1. You sit for too long
If you have problem with constipation, it is better to walk around and stimulate your intestines than to sit and constantly apply pressure. If you sit on the toilet for too long you are taking a risk of stiffening the whole body.
2. You wipe in the wrong direction
This might be an habit of yours since you were a child, or you just did not know the right way. All people, especially women/girls must know that the right way to wipe is from front to back. This way you will reduce the risk of infections and bacteria up to 70%.
3. Over wiping
It is true you should not use too little toilet paper, but you should not use too much either. Strong and intensive wiping can lead to irritation and inflammation. This is why it is recommended to use wet wipes than several layers of toilet paper.
4. Using A Pit Toilet
This Toilet is mostly seen in the Rural communities. Women using this kind of toilet may experience genital infections at most times. It is recommended to avoid direct contact with the openings of this toilet especially to the ladies, instead excrete outside and after that you dump the waste product into the toilet.

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