The Facts and Myths of Liver Conditions

Many factors can lead to the cause of liver disease and in most cases liver disease can lead to cancer and cirrhosis.
Let use consider some facts of liver disease.

Liver cancer: Cirrhosis a risk factor
Simply put cirrhosis is a condition in which the liver does not function properly due to long-term damage. People suffering from cirrhosis are at risk of developing liver cancer and the rate for surviving for 5years is 15%.

Drugs can damage the liver
It is true that drugs can be toxic to the liver. Individuals, mostly the older ones, following lots of treatments are particularly at risk. Those taking health supplements aren’t off the hook either as these supplements can poison the liver if not used correctly or if taken in excess.

Reduce the intake of fats
Foods like pork, cakes, chocolates, sweets etc should be kept to the minimum. Instead of taking in those kinds of food one should opt for a healthier meal, plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish, white meat etc. This will help preserve the functions of the liver.

Coffee is beneficial 
Specialist have discovered that coffee can be beneficial so long as you don’t drink more than 3 to 4 cups a day and you do not add sugar to it. There is a reduced risk of cirrhosis linked to drinking coffee.

Alcohol the major cause of liver disease
While 80% of liver disease have been linked to people who consume alcohol excessively it doesn’t mean alcohol is the only means of damaging the liver. People with diabetes or obesity or high cholesterol levels are at risk of cirrhosis. Liver disease can also be caused by rare genetic conditions
Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis can be cured
Thanks to antiviral agents that kills the virus, hepatitis C 95% cases of hepatitis C can now be cured. Hepatitis B has no current cure but progression of the virus can be halted by two specific drugs. Cirrhosis on the other hand can be reversed by cutting off alcohol, exercising and taking in healthy diet.
Now let’s see some myths of liver conditions

Regular blood test can detect liver conditions
Patients need to be tested for ASAT and ALAT markers which can show signs of damages in the liver and alkaline phosphatases which can detect the reduction in bile secretion from the liver. This means that liver conditions cannot be detected through regular blood test.

Vodka intake are worse than wine and beer
This is not true because specialist have revealed that is the quantity of alcohol that matters not the brand of drink. Drinking good quality or alcohol can make you feel good but it doesn’t reduce the damage it may cause.

Liver conditions causes yellow skin and pains. 
Liver conditions is said to be silents because the various types of liver disease usually have no symptoms at all. Most liver conditions are often detected late. What may sometimes feellike pains in the liver are usually digestive symptoms caused by rich foods or high fat diet. So it is unlikely that liver disease can cause yellow skin or pains.

Taking alcohol only weekends reduce risk 
It is recommended that women should not take more than 14 standard glasses or unit of alcohol per week and men 21 glasses irrespective of when it is consumed be it weekdays or weekends. So drinking only weekends will not reduce risk if one drink in excess.
Source – AFP Relaxnews

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