Things To Do Before You Quit The Job You Hate (part 2)

1. Revalue yourself
Ask yourself: Why I hate my current job? This is a new feeling or a long time ago? The reason comes from my colleagues, my job or company culture?
Please list a series of strengths and weaknesses of work and the conditions you want to have for future work. Consider to change the situation without having to switch job, or think as it's time to move on or not. If possible, do not leave your current job until you are assured of a new job.
2. Find out what the reasons are.
After re-evaluate yourself an overview, it is important that you should determine whether unhappy things come from. This helps you to identify the measures are good or not. For example, if you feel stressed and want to change jobs to reduce it, but you might be still stressed in the new job. If you get bored because you are not happy in life, this solution will not help either.
3. Talk to the manager
If you are not satisfied with your work schedules, remuneration or projects you are assigned, you should talk to your boss. There may be a solution to overcome the situation, and things may be easier than you think.
4. Do not give up immediately
If your job has an okay wage and prospect, consider finding the changes within the company . Remember "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." The new job doesn’t mean better. Before deciding to quit or change into new areas, learn about labor market and prepare for your knowledge, skills as well as psychologically necessary.
If your job is not tolerable or unsafe, of course, do not hesitate to find a new job soon.
5. Change attitudes
You may have met a failure, or a bad experience at work that makes you obsessed, your productivity decrease. In that case, please dismiss this psychological problem.
Be careful when expressing negative emotions while you are still working. Because even if you are not satisfied and want to leave, go away with your head held high, not the alienation of the people. Be professional and willing to complete on your job responsibilities.
In short, try to maintain a positive mood and focus on the positive aspects of the job. If you do not find any pleasure at work, consider moving away.
6. Be professional
Even if you’ve planned on moving, continue to do a good job. In this way, after the resignation you will get good reviews. And in case the situation is improving, you decide to stay, you will not be ashamed of your behavior before. Remember: Do not "burn’s one bridge", whether you're dissatisfied with your boss and work.
7. Set career goals
Determine your 5-year plan: "What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years? Could the current location help you achieve that? If not, which works will create job opportunities for you? How to gain that job" It is a series of questions you need to answer to know what you want and what to do. You need to look at long-term goals for the future.
8. Search for a new joy
Looking for opportunities when participates in a conference, classroom or your favorite topic project. Participate in the fascinating subject can make you excited and your job becomes less boring.
9. Do not “He that cannot beat the horse beats the saddle”

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