We Will Kill Buhari and His Daughter – Niger Delta Militant Leader

Niger Delta militant group leader
from Orogun in Delta state named
This audacious Nigerian bared his face
in a threatening video where he
reiterated his plan to kill the Nigerian
President and his most popular child,
Zahra. Like other groups, he is calling
for the immediate and unconditional
release of Nnamdi Kanu.

The young man who wore a black pair
of sun glasses and assumably read
slowly from a written statement
sounded firm in his words. The viral
video came with a short caption below:
” Buhari has just started a fight that he
can not finish, We warned him! …The
unarmed Biafrans you are sending your
army to kill are innovative, they are
intellectuals, they are warriors. They
hardly start up something but when they
do, they don’t go back. We are
Biafrans!!!, We are the avengers!! We
will come for you!! Those against Biafra
freedom wait for us!!”

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