10 Signs You Need A New

Changing your car isn’t as straightforward as replacing your toothbrush or purchasing new office supplies. Whether you need a new car is usually hard to objectively determine. Cars cost significant sums of money and there’s sure to be some mulling over whether it’s worth it. If you’re rich enough to afford a fleet of cars, then this piece probably isn’t for you (You’re welcome to still read it though).

Beyond any financial considerations, cars are placeholders for a lot of emotions and there’s bound to be an emotional connection with your car at some point. This may make parting with it in favor of a new one slightly difficult. If you find yourself in any of the situations you’re about to read though, it may be time to finally go through with your long put-off plan to turn your car over.

One Too Many Roadside Repairs
A single random roadside repair of your vehicle may be passed off as just a minor issue and unless it prevents the closure of a major business deal will only cause a little annoyance. However, frequently repairing your car on the roadside after it’s broken down is a sure sign that vehicle needs to go. Not only will it consistently leave you frustrated, it is likely to be the cause of a many missed opportunities.

In Need of a New Engine
The engine is the heart and soul of your car and if it’s given out to the point of no repair, you should consider getting a new car altogether rather than replace it. A car is never as durable or efficient once you replace the engine. Also, purchasing a quality new engine is usually costly and it’s more financially prudent to purchase a new car altogether.

Poor Fuel Consumption Efficiency
Fuel in Nigeria is somewhat expensive and on some occasions scarce to find. It is therefore paramount that your vehicle consumes fuel efficiently with each drive. If you have to stop at the gas station more often than the average motorist, it is essential that you trade in your fuel guzzling monster for a more efficient ride. You’ll also be helping the environment.

Check Engine Light is Permanently On
Every vehicle has a “check engine” light that reminds the owner to take the car to an auto-repair shop in order to have his engine examined for any faults. Once the problem is detected and fixed, the light automatically turns off. A check engine light that is permanently turned on when there are no apparent faults usually means that total breakdown is imminent. Better to change the car when it’s still functional and can fetch a decent price on the market to contribute to a new one.

Chassis Needs a Complete Overhaul
It’s easily the most noticeable part of your car and if your chassis looks like it should belong in a scrapyard, then that car should end up in a scrapyard. It behooves any car owner to have a vehicle with dings, rusted edges and several dents in their vehicle. The car is due to be replaced and you need to stop “managing” something that looks like the wreckage of the Titanic.

Mileage is Way Long
Cars much like most products have a best before mileage after which they are more prone to breakdown and require additional maintenance. Once your odometer hits 6 figures, plans for a replacement should be set in motion at once. Avoid using your car to the point where it has no salvage value due to excessive mileage.

Minimal Safety Features
New models of cars being made feature an extensive range of safety technology to reduce damage during accidents and prevent death. Most older model vehicles lack most of this technology and as a result can prove to be death traps in the event of a collision. Place a premium on your life and swap that old jalopy for a new ride complete with up-to-date safety technology.

Too Many Patch Ups
A car mechanic will often improvise and make quick fixes in order to keep a well worn car going. They might even patch some parts with duct tape to hold them together. However, once duct tape and patch ups are becoming the norm rather than an incredibly rare occurrence, you shouldn’t need to be advice to dump that piece of scarp metal for an actual car. In fact, the first time you need duct tape for repairs in your car, it’s most advisable to change it immediately.

It’s No Longer “Valuable”
A car shouldn’t be something you’re willing to leave in a dangerous neighborhood with the doors unlocked because you’re sure no ones would even consider stealing it. As soon as you consider it not “valuable” enough to be stolen, then the sad truth is you most definitely need a new car. Don’t drive around a worthless car cause you don’t want to invest in a new one. Don’t be Ebenezer Scrooge.

Your Friends or Kids Would Rather Walk
It says an awful lot about your ride if your friends or kid would rather walk than be seen in it. If your offer to give a ride is consistently turned down, you don’t need a sign from God to know the car is way past its best days. It’s served you well but now it has to go so your loved ones can share a trip to the mall with you again.

If you find yourself in any of the situations listed above but you don’t yet have the funds to purchase a new ride, you can simply start saving now.Image result for car

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