Before Applying Or Coming To The Uk For Studies: Beware Of This

I have observed that a lot of Nigerians are ignorant of some basic facts about the UK before choosing to study here. I have met so many people whose desire is to stay back in the country for a few years before returning to Nigeria. However, they get disappointed when on arrival they discover that there are no immigration programmes designed to keep them in the country beyond their studies. Hence I thought I should educate us a little just so that you ahead of time. I have been in the UK for 7 years so I am speaking from experience.

The UK is a lovely country, people here are respectful, you will get on with little or no problems at all. However, IF YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to study abroad and IF YOUR INTENTIONS are to stay back to work for a few years before returning to your country. THEN THE UK is a wrong choice. During the Labour government students were allowed to stay back for two years after graduation but the Conservative Party (currently in Gov) is heavily ANTI IMMIGRATION. Therefore YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO LEAVE THE UK AS SOON AS YOU GRADUATE except you get married or get certain types of jobs (Trust me, YOU WONT GET THOSE JOBS within ONE YEAR), you will be kicked out of the country. ONLY students whose primary intentions are to study and go back to their jobs, husband, rich parents, wife or other commitments should come to the UK for studies. THE UK IS VERY SENSITIVE TO IMMIGRATION RIGHT NOW. they don't want IMMIGRANTS in the country anymore.

For those who want to stay back and work for some years after graduation, you SHOULD go to CANADA, USA, SELECTED EU COUNTRIES, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and others. These countries have immigration programmes to allow you stay back in their countries before returning to NIGERIA, if you want to.

Please note that I am not discouraging people from coming to the UK, as far as I am concern, the UK is a friendly country with good human right. You will love it here but just beware that they are no longer VERY WELCOMING TO IMMIGRANTS. I think they are tired of people coming to their country, it is a good place to study if all you are after is the certificate. However, from my recent experience with Nigerian students (always trying to stay back to no avail) I just thought you should know that there are other countries out there that support or have immigration programmes to support ex students who wants to stay back in their country.

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