Blogging On Mobile Made Easy

Creating and posting to your blog is now easy thanks to the help of developers.
You can easily post to your blog without much hassle.

This is a short note on how I post on my blog everyday with my phone (infinix hot note pro).

You don't have to discourage yourself, because you don't have a laptop to start blogging, with the help of this apps you can blog from anywhere you are.

1. Evernote
2. Google Chrome
3. Blogit
4. Analytics
5. Skitch
6. Arcus dictionary pro

1. Evernote is one of my favorite note taking app, this is where I write down my draft and rewrite before posting to my blog.
The interesting part about this app is, all notes are save to cloud, even if you switch phone you can recover all your notes by signing in with your registered email and password.

2. Google Chrome allows me to publish my post and do all the necessary adjustments like I'm on my PC.

You can easily set a custom permalink, add search description, add labels, add image alt text, headings,subheading ,add a nofollow link and share to Google Plus after publishing your blog post. Google Chrome is easy to use and light unlike Firefore which is bulky.

3. I use blogit app to edit my blog post, sometimes even if you edit your eyes might still leave some words out.
After publishing you might notice a typo error, blogit allows you to easily edit your blog post.

You can publish your blog post with it, the app is one of the best blogger app for publishing post, though you won't be able to add some important things to the post like when you're using Google Chrome.

4. Analytics gives me the real page view of my blog,with analytic you can easily check your revenue, blog bounce rate ,audience overview etc.

5. Skitch.
The app is very useful when writing a how to blog post,you can easily show your readers where to click on a pic by using the arrow sign, block a particular thing from showing on a pic with deep color and write text on a pic.

6. Arcus dictionary pro.
I use the Arcus dictionary to get the meaning of words and make sure my spellings are correct.

You can see that writing and publishing a blog post is easy, you don't have to wait for PC before you can do that.
Although you need a PC to design your blog, I don't really spend time with my PC, I only design my blog with it (yes I design my blog myself with no html knownledge)

If you don't have a PC, you can pay a web designer to help you design your blog while you do the posting with your smartphone.

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