Several notable Christian and conservative commentators are pushing back against renowned theologian Wayne Grudem, whose 5,300-word defense of Donald Trump has gone viral, with somesaying the move justifies a “wicked deed.”
Because of the theological weight Grudem carries in the evangelical world — he is a professor of theology and biblical studies at Phoenix Seminary and served as the general editor of the English Standard Version Study Bible — some see this as particularly egregious in light of the Republican presidential nominee’s public mockery of a Muslim family whose son was killed in combat in Iraq.
Responses have been numerous and strongly-worded.
In an interview Tuesday with The Christian Post, Ethics and Public Policy Center Senior Fellow Peter Wehner, an ardent #neverTrump advocate, said some of Grudem’s arguments were “just silly.”
“I’m not sure why anyone’s conscience and moral judgment would compel them to vote for such a man, or defend him in the ways Grudem has,” Wehner said.
“Anyone who says Donald Trump is a ‘morally good choice’ is, at a minimum, morally confused. Using the phrase ‘a morally good choice’ is a very peculiar formulation when it comes to describing Trump on anything.”
Wehner further added that “this is certainly a disorienting moment in our political life, with a lot being revealed. What wasn’t revealed in the Grudem piece were persuasive arguments. They were the arguments of a man desperate to justify his vote for a man who isn’t deserving of it.”
Grudem’s lengthy essay, “Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice,” (Part 1 here andPart 2 here) was posted on CP’s homepage Saturday and Sunday. He lists Trump’s flaws but expresses disagreement with many of his friends who say that character issues disqualify him for the presidency.
Such defenses are “eerily familiar to the excuses given by an abused wife,” wrote The Resurgent’s Phillip Swicegood in a Monday post.
Grudem intoned, “I doubt that many ‘I can’t vote for Trump’ Christians have understood what an entirely different nation would result from Hillary Clinton as president, or have analyzed in detail how different a Trump presidency would be” urging them to “seek the good of the nation” because Trump’s policies are better for the country
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