Eight Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Water

Coconut water as the name implies is the liquid found in coconuts just before you rip them open. This water is in itself as healthy/nutritious as the coconut, in countries like India for instance, they have a kind of coconut with an abundant amount of coconut water in it. And the water is actually the main treat, once you dip a straw in after making an opening the coconut, and emptying its content into your 
 stomach, it is as good as done.

Well here are some amazing reasons why you should consider drinking more coconut water;

  • Hangover Cure

When next you hit the club and drink more than your body can take, coconut water can help get your system back in drive. The water basically replaces those essential electrolytes that leave the body 
 during frequent urination or vomiting after a night of extreme pleasure.

  •  Decreases Blood Pressure

In many cases, an unequal amount of Electrolytes in the body can cause a high blood pressure. Because coconut water contains very important electrolytes, it helps in replenishing any missing electrolytes in the body.

  • Very Blood Friendly

Because it is isotonic to human plasma, the water in coconut can be used in extreme or in emergency situations to re-hydrate the body, if given intravenously.

  • Aids Digestion

If you have serious problems breaking down food,you just may consider coconut water. It has a high concentration of fiber which helps to prevent indigestion and greatly Decreases the chances of acid re-flux.

  • Almost a zero-calorie drink

The fat content in coconut water is very low, and so it can be consumed as regularly as possible without the fear of your bones putting on more flesh.  It also helps to greatly suppress appetite and a cup would leave you full and satisfied.

  • Contains Essential Nutrients

Unlike your favorite soda drink, coconut water contains five very important human electrolytes;Magnesium,Potassium,Sodium and Calcium. This makes it an important drink for people with varying medical conditions. It is also used as a great sports drink as it replenishes nutrients lost via sweating during Exercise or sport related activities.

  • Makes a Great Food/Juice Flavoring.

Coconut water can be used to season a variety of food,like rice,meat,cereals e.t.c Coconut juice is also widely consumed either as a standalone drink or with other fruits.

  • Long Shelf Life

Coconuts do not spoil as easily as other fruits if left in its shell. It lasts a long deal so you can stock as many as you want. The white part of the coconut is also as important. As it also contains a great deal of fiber.
Grab a coconut from the store next time you go fruit shopping.

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