How To Add and Verify Blogspot Site For Propellersads Network

For those that are new to Propellerads and they hang up after registering as publishers because they don't know how to add their site and verify it as their own site. Today i decide this short post to show them to add and verify it with in less than 1minute.

First of all if you don't have account with Propellerads click HERE to sign up

=>After successful registration

=>Log in to your account and go straight SITE and click on it

=>Then click on Add Site

Now enter the url address of our blog/site and click submit

A verification code will be giving to you after submitting your url address

Kindly copy the verification code and go back to your blogger dashboard and click on Template and click on Edit Template.

Your template codes will show up. Now look carefully and identify code <head> which is mostly no.4 in many template,

Below <head> paste the verification code you copied from Propellerads and click Save

Finally go back to your Propeller page and hit Verify and you are done with site verifications.

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