How To Check The Last Time Google Bots crawled/indexed Your Site -

Evening friends how are you?
i am here to run site owners through two must-know informations. Let me use two stones to kill a bird.
Many do think if they search for their blogs on search engines and nothing display,it means you've not being indexed yet,my brother you are wrong,google is as fast as anything,they have crawled your blog just that your domain name have many competitors.
The first tutorial :
How to know the last time google indexed your site:
*Go to
*input the keyword " " and click search,replace with your domain o and don't make the mistake of typing any capital letter
*A screenshot of how your blog looked like the last time it visited with the date year time in minute and seconds will be shown
Note:It can be used on any website e.g. Blog,forums e.t.c.
Second Tutorial :
How to check the number of pages indexed,latest indexed or carry out a custom search :
*Go to
*input the keywords (replace techinfo with your site domain)
*Indexed pages will be shown

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