How To Invite All Your Facebook Friends At Once To Like Your Page (Updated)

If you have a Facebook page and you want to invite your friends to like or follow the page. This might be very tasking if you have more than 200 friends on your list.

I will be showing you how to invite all your Facebook friends at once to like or follow your page using the same application i shared with you to use and clear off all your groups.

Using Google Chrome Browser

Go to Google Chrome Web store and “Toolkit For Facebook” to your chrome browser

After Adding it to your Chrome browser.

Locate the “Toolkit For Facebook” at the top right of your browser with the logo “PST” and open it.

under "Account Tools" click on "Invite Friends to Like Page".

Type in the Facebook page URL and put in the intervals in seconds to delay in each requests. 20s is okay.

Relax while the app invites your friends to like your page.

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