How to Prevent Body Odour

We all have felt that unease or irritation when we sit close to someone in a bus or church or walk past them in a busy market, or maybe close friends or family.
We tend to perceive or smell quite unpleasant fragrances/odour "emanating" from their body.

Body odour also known as bromhidirosis is often an unpleasant smell that can occur when you sweat. The sweat itself surely does not smell, but what actually causes the smell is the bacteria on the skin which breaks down this sweat to acid. So in a nutshell, we sweat and then some mischievous 
 bacteria do the rest and triggers the whole smelly process.

Body odour is surely not uncommon,we all take a swipe at our armpit after a long day,and feel disgusted. We all sweat on a hectic and sunny afternoon, truth is we all stink at one certain time or the other. Because we all have the tendency to sweat we also all have the tendency to have a body odour .
Men on an average tend to sweat more than women, so the odds of having body odour are greater for men. But in general anybody who has reached puberty,can produce body odour.
Although being overweight or eating spicy foods and sometime some medical condition tend to contribute more.

Here is a few real simple and easy
ways/tips to stay clean.
1.keep areas that are prone to sweat clean. Areas like the armpit,the neck region,genital areas and feet. Try to wash with soap and keep them clean. at least try and wash up twice daily.

2. Use an antiperspirant or deodorant daily. To aptly put,antiperspirant helps to reduce the amount of sweat our body produces while deodorant masks the smell of sweat. Antiperspirants are used mainly for armpits, and deodorant is a normal body spray(not a perfume).
So endeavour to spray a few times before jetting out.

3.regularly shave regions prone to hair growth like the armpit,genitals,neck region hairs help trap sweat and therefore makes its easier for bacteria to break down sweat. Hence that nauseating smell.

4. Wear clean clothes always, do not make it a habit of putting on sweaty clothes from the previous day. If you absolutely have to, make sure you air them properly and a little deodorant,yes! To mask that smell.

In some cases body odour are causes of some underlying medical condition. Those are just a few tips to stay clean and smell great. We all owe our body the favour of making them smell good. 
Also help a friend who you think has body odour,because most times they don't even know. And study shows the better you smell the more friendly people will get when they are around you. So you know what to do before going to chat up that pretty girl next time!
Thanks for reading! Till i write again! Please Leave your contributions or comments below.

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