Hypertension: Causes and Prevention

Hypertension: Causes and Prevention

Hypertension is commonly known as high blood pressure. Hypertension can be said to occur when someone's top number (systolic) blood pressure reading is consistently over 130 while his/her lower number (diastolic) reading is over 85. High blood pressure is often referred to as an implicit or silent killer because
of the fact that it has no symptoms. Its sign is often accompanied by heart attack or stroke and it occurs mainly among adult population.


High blood pressure can result from the presence of tumors or the presence of diseases within the kidney. But most cases of high blood pressure have no significant organic causes. It just happens out of nowhere and its often sudden. Some factors have being implicated by studies as the major cause of high pressure. These factors include:
  • Low potassium: The body potassium ratio is of vital importance to the normal functioning of the body. Reducing salt intake and eating more of vegetables will increase this potassium ratio and also reduce high blood pressure. 
  • Lack of exercise: This can result in high blood pressure. Exercise helps that muscles of the body to relax and also assists in appropriate blood distribution among the internal organs. 
  • Smoking and alcohol: Studies has implicated smoking and alcohol as one of the causes of elevated blood pressure. 
  • Obesity: Studies have shown that obese persons are often at the risk of experiencing high pressure. 
  • Too much intake of salt: Hypertension is often rare in populations where there is low intake of salt. For instance, in Japan where there is high salt intake, it has been found that high blood pressure affect almost half of the adults. Studies have shown that reducing salt intake drastically result in low risk of having high blood pressure. 

It is a well known fact that there are drugs in place which can reduce or lower blood pressure. This group of drugs does not cure hypertension rather they work only to reduce it. And these drugs can come with numerous side effects like lack of sexual urge or impotence, depression, fatigue etc. Some of these drugs may even promotediabetes.


It is often said that prevention is better that cure. Life style changes can significantly reverse hypertension without even taking drugs. Ways in which hypertension can be prevented include:
  • Exercise: Physical exercise helps in lowering blood pressure by actively reducing peripheral arterial resistance. In other words, good and regular physical exercise promotes general health and well being.
  • Avoiding alcohol will lower blood pressure and help promote the effectively functioning of the body in many ways.
  • Reducing the intake of fats by going for foods that are very rich in fibres will help to lower blood pressure.
  • Eating more of fresh vegetables and fruits and also raw foods which are rich in potassium helps to lower the blood level. Also favor food with more of taragon, onions and garlic, instead of salt.

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