Kogi state governor, Yahaya Bello, has said that his administration would curb corruption, waste and mismanagement in the state.
Briefing State House Correspondent after observing Jumaat prayers with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Villa, Bello applauded the ruling of the Appeal Court which upheld his election on Thursday.
He also called on his opponent, Hon. James Faleke, to join hands with him to develop the state.
Commenting on his Appeal Court victory, he said “I thank God for making this possible. The judgment is a confirmation of divine ruling by God. I thank the judiciary, I thank my party, I thank the people of Kogi State and indeed all Nigerians.”
Asked whether he had extended an olive branch to his opponents, he said “I have extended olive branch to my opponents on several occasions and at this time, I am extending it again to my brother, Hon. James Faleke, to come and let us join hands together to lift Kogi State.
“The state was in a big mess as of the time we came on board. He should join hands with me to save the state from the claws of those who had held it down over the years.”
On what to be expected from him in the state, he said “They should expect development, prosperity and good governance all the way. Remember I am on a divine mission and I will do nothing less than to continue to develop the state and to curb corruption, waste and mismanagement and to put the state on developmental map.”
On the face-off between the executive and legislature in Kogi, he said “There has never been any face off between the executive and the legislature. There has always been misunderstanding in every legislative house and Kogi State is not an exception. As of today, we have one united Kogi Assembly.”
Asked why he came to see Buhari, Bello said “I came to offer Friday prayers with the President. We prayed for him and Nigeria. We also prayed for Kogi State.”

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