The terrorists’ latest rambling propaganda magazine contains a warning for Christians and Jews that they will be crushed by ISIS.
The claims predicting the end for Christianity follow a string of attacks across Europe celebrated by the barbaric militia group.
Dabiq, the militants’ online mouthpiece, encourages Christians to “break the cross” before offering them two options: risk death in a “futile” war against ISIS or convert to Islam and “enter the Gardens of Paradise”.
The article states: “[Christians] have the option of trying to cling to the transient luxuries of this life, rejecting the truth in favor of either paying jizyah [tax] to the Islamic State or continuing to wage a futile war against it.
“Alternatively, they can heed the warning of Allah that the worldly life is not guaranteed even for those who pursue it at the expense of their salvation, and thus choose to embrace Islam, champion the truth, attain the mercy of their Lord, and enter the Gardens of Paradise.”
The latest edition of Dabiq – the 15th to be released by the group – contains several disturbing images of beheadings and stonings, as well as violent calls to arms against the US and its allies.
Church leaders believe those within the Greek Orthodox church and Coptic Christians are among the individuals singled out for attack in the latest edition of Dabiq.
The article also warns those in the West that the “war against Islam will neither succeed nor benefit you. You will fail because you fight against those who have allied with Allah.”
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