Kenyan Woman Fakes Pregnancy With Ballon (Photo)

A woman shocked the nurses at Othaya District Hospital on Wednesday as she attached a balloon underneath her cloth, pretending to be in an advanced stage of pregnancy.

A 21-yeae-old woman, Ms Purity Kiritu, was rushed to Othaya District hospital in Nairobi Kenya at 7: 30pm on wednesday after she claimed to be in labour at .

The lady was brought into the hospital by her mother-in-law, Ms Josephine Wairimu, whom she had visited four days before she was “due.”

The nurses examined Kiritu and she was even admitted to the preparation room. However, a nurse noticed something suspicious about her pregnancy. On checking, she was shocked to find a red, inflated balloon.

She attached the balloon underneath her cloth, pretending to be in an advanced stage of pregnancy.

The nurse alerted the hospital’s authorities. Police were immediately informed without the woman’s knowledge.

Police responded promptly and bundled the woman off for questioning. According to Nyeri South Deputy OCPD Jefferson Ali who confirmed the incident, the balloon was also seized as an exhibit.

Ali revealed the woman’s residence, saying that she lives in Nairobi’s Dandora Estate with her husband, a boda-boda operator, and the couple are yet to have their own children.

quotes an officer who is well-aware of the incident as suggesting that the suspect might have been plotting to walk off with a baby from the house or was seeking a referral to Pumwani Hospital in Nairobi.
He said the strategy was a common tactic used by people who steal babies.

The main motive behind her action is yet unclear as police continue to examine the incident.

Ms Kiritu was arraigned in court on Thursday for her actions but was ordered to have a mental test run on her. She will remain in police custody until September 2.

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