A Chinese tourist was detained at Los Angeles Airport after she allegedly slapped a duty free shop worker twice in the face.
The incident is believed to have happened after the woman became upset that her credit card was moved when she left it at the till.
Chinese media have reported that the woman, with the surname Liang, is now waiting to appear in a US court.
The Chinese passenger is alleged to have slapped a shop worker at Los Angeles Airport after her card was misplaced
The Shanghaiist reports that the woman left her credit card at the counter when she was informed that in order to qualify for a discount, she had to purchase more items.
The offer was for people using a China-issued bank card. They were told that if they spent at least $400 they would be in line for a $20 discount.
As she returned to pay for the goods, there was some confusion over where the card had been left.
After staff and the woman searched for it, the card was eventually found at the side of the till.
However, Ms Liang lost her temper and, after being handed her card back, is believed to have slapped the cashier twice across the face.
As a result of the incident in Los Angeles, the woman missed her China Eastern flight to Shanghai
As a result of the incident in Los Angeles, the woman missed her China Eastern flight to Shanghai
After security were called, the woman missed her China Eastern flight to Shanghai, which had already been delayed for an hour.
Hong Kong news-site EJinsight reports that the woman can expect a fine of up to $1,000, and ‘might have difficulty entering the US again if the incident makes it to her immigration record’. 
The Chinese government announced a new ‘blacklist’ last year that would contain the names of citizens who misbehaved or broke the law while travelling.
The government has grown concerned about the negative impact on China’s image stemming from numerous incidents of bad behavior by Chinese tourists at home and abroad, ranging from fighting with air crews to defacing cultural artifacts.

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