After the highly-anticipated remake of “Ben-Hur” fell behind the top-five earners at the box office last weekend, actress Roma Downey, one of the film’s producers, said she felt drained and was seeking God for support amid the disappointment.
“Fill me up Lord, I am on empty!” Downey wrote on Facebook Monday night along with the the hashtags “‎give me strength‬, ‪‎praying‬‪, more of you less of me, and ‪I love you Lord.”‬Roma Downey ‘on Empty’ After “Ben-Hur” Tanks at Box Office
“Ben-Hur” was executive produced by Mark Burnett and Downey, who often refer to themselves as “the noisiest Christians in Hollywood.” While it’s not clear if the film’s modest opening is the cause of Downey’s feelings of emptiness, it’s no secret that she and her husband put their hearts and souls into “Ben-Hur” and sharing its message of forgiveness.
Downey and Burnett documented the week leading up to the film’s release on theirInstagram accounts, showing the dynamic duo being interviewed by the media and attending premieres across the U.S.
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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Jeannie Law

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