Wooden Bridge At New Alade Market Scares Customers Away

Today, August 22, 2016, makes it exactly one month since the New Alade Market was officially commissioned and opened for business purposes. While many rejoiced with the traders for moving into newly built stores, few didn’t predict that the place will be scanty few weeks after official opening.

Compared to the old market, it appears traders and other business dealers are yet to warm up to the new Alade Market. An InsideMainland correspondent who visited the market earlier today that nearly half of the stores in the new market are yet to be occupied. While construction works is still ongoing on different parts of the market, some stores are still under lock and yet to be opened for business.

Speaking with our correspondent, a trader in the clothes section of the market, Alhaja Seliat, expressed her concern on the low turnout of customers since the market opened. “I have tried different means to inform my customers about the new place but it seems not working. Since I moved, I’m yet to make half of the cost expended in ensuring that the new shop was ready for trading. Customers turnout is nothing to write home about.”

Also corroborating Alhaja Seliat complaints, another shop owner who craved anonymity disclosed that “I continue to worry on a daily basis about the turnout but all I resort to is pray customers locate us. The place is like a hidden spot compared to the open place the old market was situated. Customers could easily locate your store back there but that is not the case in the new market.”Alade market

For Mrs. Adamolekun, the low turn out of customers in the market is due to some parts of the market that is yet to be completed. She pointed out the canal dividing the two sections of the market and the bridge that was originally meant to be constructed over the canal as a reason for it.

Pointing to the plank used as a means of crossing the canal, she said “a customer told me she won’t come around until something is done to that plank over there due to her phobia for water. The authorities promised to construct a bridge over the canal but nothing is being done there yet. Sometimes, the canal smells due to dirts.”

Our correspondent contacted the Iyaloja of Alade Market, Chief Mrs. Aina Adenuga to verify the claims of the concerned traders. She however directed our correspondent to the Secretary of the Market Union identified as Mrs. Idowu who refused to make any comment.

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