See The Man Who Disguised Himself As A Woman To Con His Villagers. Photos

A con-man in Bihar’s capital Patna has left city police in awe, after changing his identity and running a con-business in the heart of the city. Born a male, Avinash alias Goldi dressed like a woman to run his multi-purpose racket.

He operated as a woman under the false name Monica. He would dress up in colourful saris, donning bindis, fashionable jewelries and applied glossy make up to dodge his clients.

Avinash told the police that he was doing this ‘business’ for three years and people desperate to go abroad were his target clients.

Police is verifying his claims and examining the documents recovered from him, and have sealed his office.

Avinash told Patna police that he got the idea of changing his identity from a man to a woman to run this racket, during a pilgrimage to Tirupati Balaji.

Police are trying to ascertain as to whether Avinash dressed like a woman to defraud his clients or he is a transvestite.

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