See What A Drunk Female Driver Did After She Was Pulled Over By Police. Photos

A drunk driver asked police to “use beautifying app and take pretty picture” of her when she was pulled over. After she was stopped and asked to take out her driver’s license on September 21, the young female driver in China told police she didn’t have it.

The girl was reportedly attempted to argue her way out of a ticket for driving without a license, eventually resorting to flirtatious gestures.

The police then asked the woman to perform a breathalyzer test to confirm she hadn’t been drinking. She excitedly agreed. Except while she exhaled, she directed all the air outside the sides of her mouth and none made it into the device. Only when police threatened to take her to the hospital and perform a blood test did the young lady breathe correctly.

The test confirmed she was driving under the influence. While police took pictures of her and the vehicle for evidence, she demanded they use a beautifying app to make her, “a little better looking.” The woman even posed a victory hand for the photo. She was later taken to a nearby hospital for blood tests. A further investigation is still underway.

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