Things Responsible Men Do When Their Partner Is Pregnant

I am talking about those men that love their partner . One thing is that they are more than happy when the news of the baby to come is been broken to them and they are ready to go extra mile to make sure their woman don`t feel the pains associated with pregnancy.

The followings are some of the things the responsible men do when their partner are pregnant:

1. Shower her with gifts:

This is the period the responsible men drops by the next store to get gift for their partner, not just any gift but best of those items the partner loves.

2. Every minute checks:

The responsible men knows that the pregnant stage is the period their attention is needed most by their woman, so they do all they can to be close when they are not even close. They call every minute to ask about the welfare of the partner and the unborn child while they wait anxiously to see the baby start moving in the stomach.

3. They ask questions at all times:

At every sound of the partner, the man will ask question, how are you? what is it? hope no problem? and so on. This is not just for asking sake, but to show the woman they are also feeling what the woman is feeling even when that is not possible.

4. They turn the woman to pet:

The pregnancy period is the period women needs to be handled with care. And they should be the center of concentration due to their delicate condition and the pains attached. The responsible men rub them in the back, stomach, leg and ma-sage them on or off request just to do little in relieving them of the pains they might be going through.

5. They take the position of a helper:

During pregnancy period, even the man that cannot boil water starts to grow confidence to cook vegetable soup just to show the woman how caring he is, and at times they end up cooking salty food. The point remains that they cook. This is when you see a responsible man preparing the breakfast even before the woman wakes, they boil water for her bath, they come home early enough to prepare dinner ,while some will take her out for dinner.

Any woman with a responsible man should be proud and treat him right after baby has been delivered. This is because it is not easy to tolerate a woman let alone the one with the pregnancy condition.

Please, you can add to the list, those with years of experience should share their experience.

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