Top Ten Pay-Per-Click Ads To Make Money From

Top Ten Pay-Per-Click Ads To Make Money From

Top Ten Pay-Per-Click Ads To Make Money From
Have you ever wondered how Rich Bloggers earn their money? Or how people like you and I can earn money online from Pay-Per-Click Ads.

Pay-Per-Click Ads is a very popular way to make money blogging without wasting time, but mind you, not only through blogs.
It is a type of advert program in which an advertiser pays a publisher for each click on ads setup on the publisher’s site.
Today I’m going to show you the TEN WAYS bloggers make their money online from adverts.

The Top 10

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a very popular Pay-Per-Click Ads Program that pays bloggers well, it has the highest ranking of all Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC) and has a very easy way to setup.
You might be wondering how you could get money through Pay-Per-Click Ads from Google, well it is very simple and straight forward, but the hard part is getting approved by Google.
Make sure you do not plagiarize your posts or else Google would automatically reject your approval.
Once you sign up for Google, you will be given a snippet of code to place in your website, which is what Google uses to view and analyse your website.
After the whole analysis, if you are very lucky to get approved, you can start placing adverts on your site immediately.
The interesting part is that when visitors click your site, you will be rewarded with a commission and the money will be sent to your account through PayPal at the end of the month once your earnings exceed $100.


Infolinks is an alternative Pay-Per-Click Ads to Google Adsense, they pay after your earnings exceed $50, Infolinks may be a bit outdated when you view their administrative panel but it has a very easy way to sign up to either be an Advertiser or a Publisher.
Infolinks also has an android app to easily monitor all clicks on your infolinks ad and they pay through Paypal too.
From past experiences with Infolinks, they have a very lenient way of approving sites unlike Google Adsense which has more strict ad policies because of fraudulent activities over the past years.
And the most fascinating thing? Infolinks does not require space for advertisement on your blog or site unlike Google Adsense, what infolinks does is that it converts keywords from your posts or articles into TEXT links.
We all want to know how they pay right? Of course it’s the essence of this topic
They pay you whenever a visitor hovers on your link, which automatically displays an advert and you get your cash.


This one is interesting, MEDIA.NET is a Pay-Per-Click Ads platform powered by Yahoo! and Bing.
The cooperation of this two popular search engines has lead into the production of high quality and high paying ads

Ok, don’t see this as a very tough advertisement platform to apply for, it is just a high quality platform to earn you more revenue than normal advertisements.
If your site is about books, book advertisements will be displayed on your site, thanks to MEDIA.NET, therefore if a visitor visits your site willingly and the visitor clicks adverts on your site, it will surely earn you more money, why? Because your visitor is already interested in that topic and your ads are also related to that topic, hence, doubling your revenue.
I can recommend MEDIA.NET to you, they also pay through Paypal with a minimum payout of $100.
This might eventually be the most comfortable advertisement platform that pays bloggers for what they know how to do best.


Clicksor has built quite a reputation over the years in both good and bad ways.
It is an advertisement program which pays a very small amount of commission and also displays ads which are relevant to your site.
It is a widely known advertisement program that has just a problem that every other advert platforms have which is Google Adsense. They all cannot compete with Google Adsense because Google has built its name and status over the years.
It is an advert platform that every upcoming or professional blogger should have, it pays through Paypal also with a minimum payout of $50
It also provides most of the advertising formats such as banners, pop-ups, XML feeds, layer ads, search boxes and in-text ads. They also have a floating ad which is a unique ad format.
Top Bloggers earn their money and feed their families through the revenue they earn from Clicksor and they are still earning.


Chitika is an upcoming Pay-Per-Click Ads platform that gives bloggers various types of unique designs which is the main reason why it is mostly patronized.
Chikita is so similar to infolinks because it has inline advertisements where you can place an ad secretly into a text and when visitors hover on it, they see advertisements and money flows into your bank account again.
To get paid by this wonderful ad platform, you must have a Paypal account and then get paid into your bank account when you have a minimum earning of $10 -At last you can get your money a little bit earlier than others.
Or a minimum earning of $50 by check.
Trust me! There are loads of bloggers earning over $950 from this ad platform, remember this is one of the ways you can get rich by blogging so don’t screw up your chances.
This might just be the beginning of your success.


Unlike any other, Widget Bucks has a very good way of reporting.

We all know that there are loads of boring ad serving platforms that confuses us more than anything in this world, they just add to your problems. Widget Bucks isn’t like that, they offer ads with a very nice way of tabulating your results and I think this ad really goes for the rookies amongst us.
On Widget Bucks, you have two options:
First, to select adverts from various categories
Second, to allow Widget Bucks to choose the most suitable ad for your site (for the lazy ones amongst us).
Widget Bucks also has a minimum payout of $50 through a PayPal account.
Every ad has its own advantages, Widget Buck’s advantage is that it can send payments to anywhere in the world, making it very easy to pay Publishers and Advertisers locally and overseas.


Exit Junction is a totally different way to make money online, it is different from other ads that pay you for inline text adverts or banner adverts, do you want to know what they do? I bet you do.
When a visitor visits your website and they get bored or tired of it, what would they do? Immediately they hit the back button, right? It is the normal thing we do.
On a normal basis, when you press the back button, it should take you out of the site. Instead, exit junction will redirect your visitors to a sponsored search engine and their normal mentality assumes it is Google, immediately they search for something else and click a topic, you will instantly get commission into your bank account and the money keeps flowing again.
It has a very low minimum payout of $25 and will also allow you to get your money a little bit faster.


Site scout is fantastic but they have a lot of approvals, you get things like that, before you become an advertiser you get approved, when you submit your site, you have to get approved, when you want to place ads on your site, you still have to get approved.
I think this is excessive but it is probably a security measure.
Site Scout provides simple adverts which are just small images that you can click and earn your cash in the twinkle of an eye.
Unlike many other ads that provide codes to embed in your site, before you can get your cash, so when you are creating a post or blog you can easily slot in your advert without anyone suspecting you. Mischievous right? I guessed as much!
They offer you advertisements which you can place online: banner ads, mobile ads, rich media ads and re-targeting ads aren’t they awesome? We can surely get more than enough adverts to go round.

They have over 30 fantastic features on their sites, you could go and check it and see the things they offer.
This is my second alternative to increase the size of our pockets.


Trust me, Ad Roll is BIG! Very big!
Ad Roll company works for Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. If AdRoll can help them then it will help you.
AD Roll works with re-targeting people back to their site and you could easily set this up on your website or blog without wasting time.
Not only can you use Adroll to advertise on your website, you can advertise on Facebook and Twitter.
This ad serving platform collects something from you to give you something in return, they pay you $10 for every $1 spent on the Ad Roll website: buying products
They also pay through PayPal
Ad Roll works through retargeting, that is just the main thing.
Once you click an AdRoll ad on my site and you get redirected to AdRoll’s site, as a first timer, you are a window shopper, if you love their site you can later purchase their products, that is retargeting: converting window shoppers to buyers.
Therefore for every $1 spent on AdRoll by a visitor referred by you, you’ll get $10
Imagine if I buy a $200 product on AdRoll through your site, you’ll get $2000 hot cash!
You heard me right.


Click Thru Traffic is a Pay-Per-Click Ads platform that nobody wants to patronize, awwhhhh.
I intentionally added this last list for anyone of us who isn’t just finding himself or herself lucky to be a part of any of the 9 Lists below.
They claim to pay 6 to 20 cents and that is if you negotiate with them on their contact page (LINK 10).
Their offer is not that encouraging or should I say their offer isn’t even encouraging at all.
I will never recommend something like this to you, because the day you will ever think of making a fortune from this ad serving platform is probably the day your great grandson celebrates his 50th Birthday.
If you struggled making money through the 9 lists below and it all lead to no avail, you could just slot in Click Thru Traffic into any of your online businesses to at least generate coins into your pockets.

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