"When Did Boko Haram Leader Abubakar Shekau Began Speaking English" ..Must Read

The factional leader of Boko Haram resurfaced in a new video rejecting the Nigerian army's claim he had been "fatally wounded" in an air strike (see HERE). A professional journalist and Regional Editor at Sun Newspapers -has voiced his opinion about the video....Read below

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#Boko Haram Latest Video: Do not fall for it#
I have just finished watching the latest video, purportedly released by one Shekau, as the leader of the Boko Haram group.

I have never met Shekau before, but I have had the privilege of speaking with him once. However, I know late Mohammed Yusuf very well. I also know that he can't speak English. In fact, my last full blown interview with him in 2005 before my transfer from Maiduguri, was done in Hausa. And from then, up till the time he was killed in 2009, we had always communicated in Hausa.

Also, from my findings, I know Shekau too, does not speak English language. In fact, my findings were reinforced by Ahmed Salkida about two years ago, when he told Nigerians that he used to tease Shekau to teach him Arabic, so that he (Salkida), would in turn teach Shekau English.

Salkida, had, while profiling Shekau then, said among other things that he is fluent in his native Kanuri, Hausa and Arabic languages. “I used to joke with him that he should teach me Arabic and I would teach him English. ”

The question therefore is, when did Shekau began speaking English language? If you listened carefully to his recitation of the country's national pledge, you will agree with me that the man who spoke in that video, cut the picture of an average Northerner, who is educated and who communicates well in English language, though with an accent. The person can certainly not be Shekau.

Two, if you have been watching their videos, you will notice that the original Shekau always appear erratic and gesticulates throughout his speeches. But today's Shekau looks a bit calmer while delivering the message in Arabic language, but assumed the real Shekau that we know while delivering his message in Hausa. With this obvious contradiction, will you still buy it as real ?

Three, go and watch the videos before the Damaturu raid in 2014 and the subsequent Konduga attacks, compare them with the videos after 2014, you will notice several inconsistencies in mannerisms and postures in the videos. From the day they started relaying their messages in English, purported to be from Shekau, I knew the real Shekau had gone.

Conclusively, make no mistake, I am not saying we have completely routed them. No. We still have some remnants. But we must stop buying their cheap lies. Let's instead rally support for our soldiers and join in the psychological battle to dwarf the voices of persons who are not up to five percent of the country's entire population, yet, are seeking to perpetually make us live in fear. Operation Gama Aiki , with our support, will surely see the end of Boko Haram.

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