"Animal Cruelty"; Man Sparks Outrage After Getting His Pet Dog Tattooed. Photos

An outrage has been sparked online after a man in Brazil posted a picture of his dog, apparently sporting five tattoos. There have been calls for the man to be charged with animal cruelty after the tattooed dog appeared online.

The bull terrier appears to have tattoos of an anchor, a knuckleduster and a diamond on its nose. It also has star tattoos just underneath its eyes and the logo of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team on both ears.

The dog's owner, a tattoo artist from Po├žos de Caldas in Brazil, deleted the images when he realised he was about to become the target of an online campaign.

The man, identified as Emerson Damasceno, then claimed they had only been put there because he believed they would protect the animal from cancer.

But several prominent veterinary experts said what appeared to have been done to the dog had no obvious benefits, and indeed it even might cause problems.

The man later deleted his profile from Facebook and other social network accounts.

It is unclear if police are investigating.

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