Conjoined Twin Sisters Celebrate Their 14th Birthday In Indian Hospital. Photos

Conjoined twin sisters Veena and Vani who are joined at the head have celebrated their fourteenth birthday. The parents of the tragic pair are unable to afford to cater for their special needs at home, and so they are being cared for and kept at Hyderabad's Niloufer Hospital, in the South of India, which has been their home for 11 years.
Medics say it is unlikely that a planned operation to separate them will now ever take place, as the risk that surgery would involve has increased as they grew older.

The two were born in Nalgonda district of Telangana and there were attempts at starting the process of separation but it was seen through. When it was not completed, the parents of the two girls abandoned them, saying they could not afford to even feed them, never mind to take care of their special needs.
They said if they were ever to be separated however, they would take them back. That never happened though and they have been raised by hospital staff since 2006.

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