Eerie CCTV footage shows 'ghost' helping clean up English pub

The CCTV at the The Chapel House in Dudley, England, has recorded eerie footage of what seems like a ghost shuffling things around during clean up time.
VIDEO Eerie footage of ghost sightings at pub. Source: YouTube/ExpressandStarNews.
This isn't the first time there are reports of ghost sightings at the pub, which is now more than 200 years old.
However, it was the first encounter of this kind for new pub owners Katie Ann Round, 31, and fiance Ben Parkes, 35.
In the video, shot just a week ago, we can see Round placing an A-board and a mop in the back room, as she tidies up the bar after closing time.
The video was shot last week and pub licensees are now calling in paranormal investigators. Source: ExpressandStarNews (screenshot)
When her fiance enters the room, the mop moves across to the nearby table. And if that wasn't freaky enough, the wet floor sign also seems to move on its own and folds itself neatly on the floor.
The new pub licensees, along with business partner James Stevens, have decided to call in paranormal investigators to dig deeper into the matter.
Stevens said the couple ran upstairs, where he was at the time, after the incident caught on video.
"They had watched the footage after the mop fell over and they were both a bit frightened by what they saw," he told the Mirror.
Staff at the Dudley pub are reportedly shaken by the incident. Source: ExpressandStarNews (screenshot)
"And so was I. When I watched it back I just thought 'what the hell is that?'. It sent a chill down my spine."
Locals are said to have witnessed a number of ghost-like figures wander around in the pub over the years.
"I'm not really a believer in ghosts, but this makes you really think. It was a really weird experience and freaked me out a bit.

"But we have to say it must be Britain's tidiest ghost. It did a very good job."
The incidents haven't stopped since the video was shot.
According to Round, just days later, a glass propelled itself off the shelf and hit her hard on the chest.
After some research, the couple found that this type activity is common in the 1830 pub.
"It turns out that the cellar at the pub, and the arches in the cellar were barred and used as overflow cells for the nearby police station," Parkes says.
"Sometimes you can hear footsteps coming up stairs but then they just stop."

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