Family found hidden treasure buried under their floorboards

What luck!
When a family in the US decided to renovate their attic, they were shocked to discover there was hidden treasure beneath the floorboards.
In fact, one of the tenants discovered an old fashioned suitcase had been hidden in the property, which was built in the 40s.
“I took the box outside and gathered the wife. It has something inside, but not heavy like coins or gold bars,” he says.
The case. Source: Supplied
The old paper. Source: Supplied
Inside they found the old newspapers that dated back to March 25, 1951, and within that stacks of $20 notes.
“These are all twenties! There may be a couple thousand here,” the tenant added.
“This doesn’t happen to us! What do we do? Where are the cameras?”
The money was wrapped up. Source: Supplied

Unbelievably, there was a total of $23,000 altogether, which they’ve decided to use to pay off their mortgage.
Talk about having a stash in the attic!
**Starts pulling up floorboards**

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