"I Met My Husband As A Virgin, I Don't Know How I Married Him" -Woman Tells Court

After several adjournments, the president of Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo Hall, Ibadan, Oyo State, Chief Agbaje Henry Olasunkanmi, has dissolved the 18-year-old marriage between Mrs Obayori Sade and her husband, Sakariyau.
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The plaintiff told the court that she married her husband as a virgin and the union is blessed with four children although she could not explain how she got into the marriage.

“I want to divorce my husband because I married him through my mother. At the initial stage when I knew this man, my mother was begging me that I should marry him but I declined. But shortly after, I noticed that my mother did not like me again. Suddenly, I agreed to marry the man.

“After the wedding, he started beating me. He did not take care of me and the children. I’ve been responsible for everything in the house. I’m fed up of his attitude towards me and the children. I want this court to separate us.”

The defendant, Sakariyau, swore to an oath before the court that he did not accept his wife’s claim.

“She is the mother of my children. She assists me in the house. I take care of her and the family. I don’t want her to divorce me.”

The court asked both parties for the state of their home since the last adjournment and the plaintiff answered: “I want the court to separate us.”

It was found out by the court that there is no more love both of them and the court cannot force them to live together. The judgment goes thus:

“The marriage between husband and wife is hereby dissolved. N7,500 is awarded for feeding of the children starting from October ending. Court orders the children to stay with their mother and the father should be responsible for both schooling and health services. There should be no molestation whenever they meet on the road.”

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