Incredible! See How Chinese Villagers Saved A Stranded Whale From Dying Tragically. Photos

A whale stranded on the beach at Leizhou City in south China’s Guangdong Province on Sunday afternoon eventually broke out of almost certain death with a little help from some human friends.
The dying mammal, about five meters (16 ft) long, according to the witnesses, was spotted by local residents of a nearby village at around 2p.m. The whale was almost completely dried out by south China’s scorching sunshine.

The villagers rushed to the whale’s aid but soon found their effort to save the big creature was to no avail due to its sheer weight. Luckily the villagers were joined by a group of troops deployed nearby.

Nearly 60 rescuers, breaking into teams for different missions from digging tunnels which helped the whale to move towards the water, shielding the animal from direct sunlight using umbrellas and pouring water on its back to keep it wet, eventually got the whale back into the water and out of danger.

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