ISIS Suicide Fighter Jumps For JOY After Realising He Will Be The Next To Die. Photos

Brainwashed ISIS soldiers have been filmed drawing lots to choose who will be next to launch a suicide attack - with one young man jumping for joy when he realises he will be next to die. The sickening propaganda footage released by the group shows a man holding out his two fists to two young fighters.

In the propaganda clip a young man with a walkie talkie strung around his neck holds out his hands to another bearded jihadi who picks the man's right hand, which is revealed to contain a white stone - apparently the ticket to become the next killer.

The bearded man leaps with joy and hugs members of the group before taking what looks like a backpack from a man holding a rifle.
The man who was holding the stone then kisses him on the head as the 'suicide bomber' smiles with joy as his fate is seemingly decided.

It is not possible to verify if the man actually carried out a suicide bomb attack...

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