"Jonsing" Man Tries To Reverse His Impounded Car, Then This Happens. Photos/Video

A man has been called an 'idiot' after he spectacularly failed to get his car off a tow truck after it had been attached to the truck with chains. 'Arthur' was captured on camera as he decided he wasn't keen on paying to have his vehicle returned.

Instead, he hopped into the driver's seat as the car was on the back of the lorry taking it away.

The footage shows him throw the car into reverse and accelerate in a bid to get free - but when the chains attached to the car's axles eventually give, the car jolts free only to get wedged on the corner of the tow truck.

The failed escape footage was posted on YouTube in April called 'Idiot Tries to Drive His Car off Tow Truck' and has been viewed more than 200,000 times .

Watch Video Below;

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