Lady Who Cheated Death After Tragic Trailer Accident Narrates Her Ordeal. Photos

 A lady who survived a very horrible car accident involving a trailer has narrated all she went through considering that the accident happened just a month to her exams. The lady who is now a graduate shared her inspiring story on her page last month, See below;

Just a month to write my 300level exams to my final year I had a fatal face to face collision accident with a trailer while sitting on the front passenger seat with my sister and a seat belt on.i was managed to be pulled out after about 3hours while my sister had been rushed to the hospital.i was laid on the center of the road in a pool of blood while my hand was broken.
i tried to stand up and discovered I could not which means my legs were almost gone and I said to my self *God where are you*i was rushed conscious to the hospital and said No I can't give up.getting to the Emergency room after my xtray was done in the teaching hospital and I was diagnose of femoral shaft and neck fracture,humerous fracture,5th rib fracture,knee fracture,tibia fracture,clavicle fracture and a radial nerve palsy,i was later referred to another teaching hospital under my family wish,getting to the other hospital with loads of pain breathing with the oxygen mask I wasn't consious at a point.

thats me on the bed a surgery was done finally carried out using internal fixators(Orif) after some months I started learning how to walk again it's wasn't easy at all I dropped from a size 16 to a size 10.😀but I kept encouraging my self instead of using the 4heel to ambulate because of the broken hand I requsted for just 2cruches and that's determination.

Friend and family cried for joy and prayed for survival story.I finally got discharged and returned to school with with the crushes and a partial paralized hand because I couldn't write and doctors advise I learn to use my left hand and later do a nerve transplant but I kept using a split and 7 month past and did the 2nd surgery again in 2014..we are back to our feet,

We are graduates from one of the Greatest Nigeria Uni,and I am getting done with my selfless service (Nysc)God is the doer of all things...Sept 15th makes it 5years and was a day's God changed our story.

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