Man Cuts Off His Own Toes With Pliers After Hospital Cancelled His Appointment. Graphic Pics

A strong minded man cut off his own toes with a pair of pliers after an operation to amputate them was cancelled at the last minute. Hardman Paul Dibbins was due to go under the knife to have his entire leg removed below the knee after he suffered severe frost bite on his feet.

Paul, 57, was hit with the brutal condition while repairing a car in freezing conditions but the surgery was called off by the NHS and the dad-of-three decided to take matters into his own hands.

He spent months trying to heal his toes but six months later a doctor told him he had killer gangrene and they would have to be removed. But he claims he was then told he would have to wait six weeks for an operation and Paul decided to cut off the troubled
toes himself.

The determined former army Lance Corporal, who is medically trained, instead took matters into his own hands after being told he would need to wait weeks for an appointment. Using some military training and no painkillers, he scraped off the dead flesh around the two toes on his right foot.

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