Man Finally Meets Father Who Injected Him With HIV Virus After 24 Years. Pictured

For the first in his life, Brryan Jackson got a glimpse of the man that injected him with blood infected with AIDS. A nervous Brryan was seated before the board of parole and a man wearing a white prisoner’s uniform to give a statement that will ensure his father remains behind bars for longer reports BBC.
Brryan Jackson was only 11 months only when his father injected him with a syringe full of HIV infected blood, shortly after Doctors diagnosed him with “full blown AIDS” and told him that he didn’t have long to die.

24 years later, Brryan relieves the story of how his father infected him to avoid making child support payments since he was divorcing his mother. As a blood tester in a laboratory, it was easy for the father to access the hospital that Brryan was hospitalized following an asthma attack and inject him. For four years Brryan’s health deteriorated as his mother took him to different hospital trying to get a diagnosis.

Brryan was discriminated in school, even after using all his will power, pumping medication and carrying a backpack full of medications.

The tragedy of my school life was that the school didn’t want me. They were scared… Back in the 90s people thought back then you could get Aids from a toilet seat. I once read a college textbook that said you could get HIV through eye contact,” he tells BBC

He survived the powerful medication that left him partially deaf and a slight speech impediment. 24 years on, Brryan is still defying the odds against him, he is now a motivational speaker and has a charity –Hope is Vital- that promotes understanding about HIV.

Brryan’s father Brian Stewart was convicted of first degree assault in 1998 and a received a life sentence. Brryan’s statement early this year lead the parole to deny the man that almost killed him parole for the next five years

Brryan hopes to one day be a father through a process of ‘sperm washing’ which prevents the virus from being transmitted.

“A dad is one of the things in life I think I am meant to be.” He says

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