Meet The Baby Born With A Hole On Top Of Her Head That One Could See The Brain. Photos

A baby gave her parents a massive shock, when she was born with a hole the size of an avocado on the top of her head – providing them with a bird’s-eye view into her brain. Michaela Miller, now nine months, has cutis aplasia, a condition where a section of skin – usually on the scalp – is missing at birth .
Her mum Christie Puyk, 27, and dad Keith Miller, 26, were given a terrible fright, moments after her birth on Christmas Day, 2015, when they noticed her skull hadn’t formed properly.

Michaela was taken to the special care unit to put a dressing on her head and monitor her closely. The fact Michaela’s “hole” was so large made her an even more unique case.

At 22 hours old, Michaela had her first three-hour skin graft surgery, using skin from her back to cover her head. But only about 60 percent of the graft took to her head, so surgeons had to perform another operation on New Year’s Eve, 2015. Then a third op took place in February, to cover the remainder of her scalp.

Michaela stayed in hospital for three-and-a-half months, spending the first 10 weeks in intensive care. Initially Michaela had about 80 per cent of her skull, now she’s up to about 90 per cent. The remaining hole is around two centimetres by three centimetres – about the size of a golf ball.

Michaela wears a helmet full-time to protect her head.

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