Obese Woman "Miraculously" Falls Pregnant Again Despite Having Her Fallopian Tubes Tied. PICS

A morbidly obese woman has miraculously fallen pregnant again despite having her Fallopian tubes tied six years ago. Lorraine, from Syracuse, New York, decided to keep her baby despite having a BMI of over 70, meaning that she could have serious complications with the birth.

The mum-of-two admits she’s always had issues with her weight, “I have always been on the larger side since maybe 2nd grade,” she tells the TLC show Extraordinary Pregnancies.

But fortunately, she has a supportive husband, who Lorraine says loves her for her but despite being in a loving relationship, the pair hadn’t planned for a third child.

“I got my Fallopian tubes tied about six years ago,” Lorraine explains. “I told the doctor, ‘do what you’ve gotta do’, I’ve already got a boy and a girl I don’t need anymore,” she continued.

According to reports, very unusual instruments were used by doctors for her surgery as she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Dallas.

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