OMG! India's 'Man Of Steel' Performs Awkward Stunts As Part Of World Record Attempt. Photos

India's 'man of steel' has performed a series of bizarre stunts as part of a world record attempt - including being hit in the groin with a sledgehammer. Amandeep Singh, 34, from Haryana, northern India, has performed 11 incredible stunts in a bid to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

They included letting a car run over his stomach and stopping 20 running motorbikes from moving with his arms.

The challenges also involved lifting up two men - weighing more than 23 stone - with his teeth, being jumped on by other people from a stepladder, and breaking 53 beer bottles in a row using his hand.

Amandeep, known as India's steel man, is now waiting for the records to be verified by Guinness World Record officials.

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