Professional Footballer Caught On Camera Beating His Girlfriend. Photos/Video

A professional football player has been arrested for domestic abuse after being caught on camera punching his girlfriend in the face. Hanyer Mosquera was filmed in the lift of the building where he lives with his partner Hindira Herazo, reports Colombia news site Publi Metro.

In the video, he punches Hindira - and then kicks her as she sits on the floor.

The Colombian pro who used to play for a Major League Soccer team in the USA has been arrested after the film taken in the city of Rionegro, north-western Colombia, emerged.
The 29-year-old used to be a defender with the Portland Timbers before moving back to his native Colombia, where he currently plays for top-division side Rionegro Aguilas.

Police reportedly arrived soon after the incident and arrested him for domestic abuse.

The footballer’s lover told local media that the fight had actually started inside their apartment - sometime before they got in the lift together.

She was quoted as saying that while they were still in the flat "he started to drag me by the hair, he threw me to the ground, and I started to shout for help but people did not know where my apartment was or what was happening."

The couple then went into the lift together, where the CCTV caught the rest of the domestic.

The player’s club Rionegro Aguilas told reporters that Mosquera had already been sanctioned after he showed up for a training session completely drunk.

Now, considering the recent reports of domestic abuse, the club have said that he will again be punished, although it has not been made clear what those sanctions will be.

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