See What A Chinese Couple Did After Feeling Sleepy While Returning From An Outing. Photos

A Chinese law enforcement officer stumbled upon a red car parked in the emergency lane of the Ma Yakou tunnel on the G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway during the early hours of October 20.
The officer checked on the vehicle, noticing that both the driver and passenger seat were empty. Upon further inspection, he found a woman sleeping on the back seat. He assumed that she was the car’s driver, woke her and asked to see her driver’s license. The woman informed the officer her husband was the driver.

The husband and wife had reportedly been returning from a wedding when they decided to pull over and take a nap. But because the husband snores so loudly, he took out a sleeping bag from the trunk and went to sleep on the tunnel’s side-walkway. The officer woke the husband, lectured him on illegally parking in an emergency lane, and enacted a RMB200 ($29) administrative fine.

The officer told the man to drive to the nearest toll stop to sleep, but soon noticed the man appeared very drowsy. With the couple’s approval, the officer drove their car to the closest stop for them.

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