This Egyptian Woman Is Believed To Be The Fattest Woman Alive In The World. Photos

An Egyptian woman weighing half a tonne is thought to be the fattest woman alive. Iman Ahmad Abdulati, 36, has not left her home in Alexandria for 25 years and is unable to move from her bed or even roll over because of her enormous size.

She relies on her mother and sister Chaymaa Abdulati to help her perform everyday tasks like eating, changing clothes, cleaning and relieving herself.

According to El Arabiya, Iman was born weighing a staggering five kilograms. She was diagnosed with elephantiasis - a parasitic infection that causes extreme swelling in a person's limbs and arms.

Physicians have also described Iman's condition as a 'disruption of the glands', meaning her body stores and retains more water than it should.

Now, with her weight tipping 500 kilograms, her family has posted a desperate plea online to Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi asking for medical assistance.

They fear that she may die without radical medical treatment at Maadi Military Hospital, in the country's capital city Cairo.

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