Huntsman spider crawls across fridge with mouse

This is stuff that nightmares are made of: an Aussie man has captured the moment a huntsman spider is seen moving across his fridge with a mouse in its clutches.

VIDEO Aussie captures huntsman eating a mouse. Source: Facebook/ Jason Womel
The video starts with the huntsman spider clinging onto the seemingly dead mouse near a window ledge.
"What's he going to do with him?," the Aussie man capturing the film says as the spider starts to shuffle across the fridge front.

The spider can be seen travelling across the fridge with the mouse. Image: Facebook

"Man, that is so cool," a voice on the video says, as the spider continues his journey with its lunch in its traps.
The video ends with a man laughing at the equally terrifying and fascinating insight into the life of a huntsman spider.

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