UPDATE; At Least 53 Dead And Many Others Injured After Train Overturns In Cameroon. Photos

Yesterday, it was reported that a packed passenger train derailed and overturned in Cameroon, killing passengers and injuring others (see HERE). According to recent report, at least 53 people were found dead and nearly 300 others wounded.

The accident took place as the train travelled between two of the country's largest cities, transportation minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o said.

Ngo'o said the figures were only a provisional toll from the accident, which occurred near the train station in the town of Eseka, around 75 miles west of the capital, Yaounde.

The inter-city passenger train was travelling from Yaounde to the commercial capital, Douala, when the accident occurred around 11am (10am GMT).

"There was a loud noise. I looked back and the wagons behind us left the rails and started rolling over and over. There was a lot of smoke," said a Reuters journalist travelling in a wagon near the front of the train.
He said that, before its departure from Yaounde, a railway employee said additional wagons had been added to the train to accommodate extra passengers, though it was unclear if that played a role in the accident.

The collapse of a bridge along the main highway between the capital and Douala had prompted increased numbers of passengers to undertake the journey by rail.

"There are the bodies of women, children. There are many," said one employee of Camrail, which is operated by France's Bollore Railways. He said three of his colleagues were among the victims.

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