WATCH: Creepy clown pistol-whipped by ‘victim’ as prank backfires

VIDEO Prankster clown gets pistol whipped by victim. Source: YouTube/HoodClips
The popular YouTube prankster filmed himself preparing to jump from a bush in an attempt to scare a pedestrian, before everything went pear shaped.
The footage was filmed in Stockton, California.
His would be victim appeared underwhelmed by Sadiq Mohammad’s effort to scare him, and produced a hand gun from his pants and pistol-whipped the clown.

The social media star's attempt to scare a pedestrian quickly backfired. Photo: YouTube

"Why you gonna play that s**t in Stockton, brother?" the unimpressed pedestrian said.
"I got something for you," he calmly said as he reached for his gun.
Mr Mohammad’s cameraman quickly revealed himself, yelling, “it’s a prank” as the terrified clown cowered in the bushes.

'Don't run b***h': The gun-wielding man smacked the clown across the face.

While frantically making a run for it, the would be victim pointed the gun at Mr Mohammad saying, “Don’t run b***h… I ought to pop your dumb a**.”
While some of Mr Mohammad’s prank videos have received nearly 7 million views, the social media star said he would hang up his clown costume for good.
“Lesson learned is, people don’t play with the clown stuff," Mr Mohammad told local media.

Mr Mohammad said he would offically retire his clown costume after his latest stunt went terribly wrong. Photo: KCRA

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