Wild Bear Rescued After Being Trapped In A Toilet For Over 10 Days. Photos

A wild bear was pulled out of a 3-meter-deep toilet in Tibet Autonomous Region, China, after allegedly being trapped inside the toilet for over 10 days. The bear was discovered by tourists in a Village.
Pictures uploaded online show that the bear's eyes had seemingly been damaged - allegedly wounded by villagers – while it struggled to leave the toilet, which was sealed with cement walls.

According to an Oct. 20 post on Sina Weibo, the bear had been trapped in the toilet for 10 days before any rescue efforts were arranged. The post has been shared by more than 2,800 netizens as of press time.

The online plea for rescue was heard and answered the same day by the State Administration of Forestry. The administration wrote on its official Weibo account that the bear could not be pulled out of the toilet directly, since it was sitting in a densely populated village. However, until proper arrangements could be made, the bear was fed and watched over by 10 villagers and five forestry officials.

The Administration of Forestry added that the bear would be rescued on Oct. 21, and a cage is prepared to humanely transport the bear while keeping locals safe. Officials will work to guarantee the bear’s safety and ensure that it can return to nature as soon as possible.

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