Man Uses His Teeth To Strip Woman On Raunchy TV Show. See Photos

Bizarre footage has emerged of a reality TV show that required a man to strip a woman down to her underwear as part of a 'Big Brother-style' task. The Portuguese show, asked contestants to pull each other's clothes off using only their mouths.

One man began pulling his female partner's top off, revealing her skimpy black bikini top. He then moved down to her waist and started to unbutton her denim hotpants. Working his way around her body, the man uses his teeth in an attempt to tear the material off her hips.

And things took an even more raunchy - and slightly awkward - turn when he stuck his face in the woman's crotch as he tried to negotiate her zip.

The rest of the housemates on the reality TV show look on in amusement as the pair get a little too close for comfort - all on live television.

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