OMG! Shocking Moment Wedding Guests Tried To Undress Bride In Front Of Her Groom. PICS

One couple's happy ceremony ended up in an awkward manner after a group of unruly male guests started stripping the bride in front of the groom. The group of male guests tried to take off the bride's bra and underpants. The groom asked his friends to stop but they made a few more attempts...

The couple could be seen trying to hide themselves behind their 'lucky' red duvet as the guests attempted to undress the bride.

The woman was wearing red bra, red underpants and skin-tone tights as the group of men tried to take them off. She screamed and tried to cover her body with the duvet as the game began.

The guests made a few attempts. One of them stretched his body trying to take off the woman's underpants.

The groom appeared to feel uncomfortable at the game. He asked the guests to stop while trying to shield his bride using the duvet.

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