Schoolteacher Forced To Resign After Being Exposed As A Porn Star. See Photos

A schoolteacher has been forced to quit her job after she was exposed as a secret porn star . Pupils and colleagues discovered Svetlana Topol was an adult actress - specialising in schoolgirl-themed films.

The 27-year-old had been working at one of the most prestigious schools in Russia's second city of St Petersburg since 2010.

Married Topol was regarded as a modest young woman who was never seen wearing provocative clothes or too much makeup.

But her x-rated sideline was revealed when links to her porn videos were emailed anonymously to every pupil and member of the staff at the school.

The babyfaced tutor specialised in roles playing schoolgirls and students, Russian media reported.

They say that she made the videos in countries such as Hungary and the Czech Republic where adult movie actresses earn ten times more than in Russia.

Topol, whose husband reportedly knows about her adult movie work, handed in her resignation letter within 24 hours of the scandal breaking.

The case has sparked both controversy and debate on social media and local internet forums.

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