Wwe news 22-11-2016

As reported, Shane McMahon was legitimately hurt when he collided with Roman Reigns during a high spot during yesterday's Survivor Series Raw vs. Smackdown match. Roman's head apparently hit Shane's chin, sending the latter's head crashing into the mat. While Shane was legitimately dazed and in a lot of pain immediately after the match, he was later heard telling people backstage that he was fine.

-- Also to clarify that part of the match, the original plan was for Reigns to pin Shane after the Spear, but Shane attempted to kick out (further evidence that he was pretty much out of it), but the referee saw his condition, paused the match and had him helped out.

-- Brock Lesnar is reportedly not at tonight's Raw and has already flown out of Toronto. Paul Heyman is also not scheduled on the show but it is unknown whether he is still in Toronto or not.

At Monday night's post-Survivor Series edition of RAW in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Bill Goldberg confirmed our earlier reports about signing an extension with WWE to work at the upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view in January.

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